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Month: September 2014

JavaScript – Evolution, Dominance and the Future

JavaScript - alignminds technologies

JavaScript was mainly developed as client side scripting language to be used across multiple web browsers in various web applications. JavaScript has the inbuilt behavior that lets developer validate each field as the user inputs data in it and provide immediate feedback for incorrect entries without needing to load another web page to process their request.Using JavaScript, you can provide immediate response to various actions taken by user without the need to load new web pages to respond. JavaScript also help web pages to be more interactive using animations without actually involving forms. You can even load new images, objects, or scripts into the web page without reloading entire page.

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Android: World’s Most Popular Mobile Platform – The Road Ahead!

This most used Mobile OS has gained so much popularity today that there is no single place where Android is not used. Especially popular with Smartphones, Android supports most of the applications in Smartphones without support of any third party applications. Life has become much easier and advanced through these applications. Now, you can get everything (weather updates, latest news, sending e-mails, messaging, video chatting, conference calls, downloads, navigation, deals, nearby locations, entertainment and what not!) at a single place and within your comfort zone.

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How to Search For the Right Mobile App? Few Tools to Help You

A quick question to all of you; can you imagine a day without using one of your favorite mobile applications? Your answer might be a big NO! So, we can say that mobile apps are such an unavoidable thing in our day to day life. Today we are using mobile apps to do almost everything; from taking the latest news update to book a table at your favorite restaurants. However, the question here is how do you download mobile apps you need? Maybe you go to the app stores of your operator’s website or to any of the other websites that index and keep free mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

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Agile Testing – 10 Principles to Follow While Testing Your Web and Mobile Applications

Having worked in various organizations for many years in the area of Software Testing, I could firmly say that an Agile based testing approach is becoming critical factor in bringing superior quality to today’s web and mobile applications. Though there are several testing approaches available, it is high time to come out of traditional approaches and adopt more rigorous and iterative testing practices that make testing more real and bring more effective results.

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