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Month: March 2015

What is key to an effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategy?

There are too many devices and applications flooding in the market for different businesses. These businesses neeed to trasmit and access huge amount of data everyday across multiple devices. With the advancement in device technology, we have to make sure that the data transmitted and accessed do not fall into wrong hands. In order to overcome this fear, most of the companies are using a Mobile Device Management software that helps to keep the data under vigilance. So, in general, Mobile device Management helps to keep control of the various devices connected in an organization for various security reasons and for better productivity.

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Testing iOS & Android Applications – Our thoughts on MonkeyTalk!

monkey talk

Mobile Application Market is gaining so much popularity now. With so many innovations happening in the field of mobile technology, Mobile Application testing is becoming very essential part of Software Development Life Cycle. Excellent quality and highly efficient application has become a great challenge. To meet this challenge in a fruitful way, thorough and repeated testing of system is required. Thorough testing can ensure that application runs smoothly and meets user expectation. Effective test strategy and combination of manual and automated testing tools is required to ensure high quality app.

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Top Five Software Security Threats You Must Know!

Software Security Threats - Alignminds Technologies

With the emergence of advanced technologies, increased information sharing through social networking sites and using web as doing business, websites are often hacked directly. Majority of website attacks happens due to imperfection in coding and  failure to sanitize input to and output from the web application. Here are some of the Software Security Issues that we face today.

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Codeception: Efficient Key to Kill Bugs!

Codeception - Alignminds Technologies

In 1985, Canada’s Therac-25 radiation therapy machine malfunctioned due to software bug and delivered lethal radiation doses to patients, leaving 3 people dead and critically injuring 3 others.

During the first Gulf War, an American Patriot Missile system in Saudi Arabia failed to intercept an incoming Iraqi Scud missile due to a software rounding error in calculation. The missile destroyed an American Army barracks and 28 soldiers dead, 100 injured.


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