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Month: April 2015

Computing Everywhere – What’s in store?

Do you remember the dream you had last night? Everyone dreams, but not everyone remember it.  You don’t worry about it, the great Computing will help you soon. By scanning brain activity, it is now possible to decode what someone is watching. By 2050 it might be possible to actively monitor or download our dreams that will create some wonder in future! Every day, the news media is giving more and more visibility to the effects of computing on our daily lives.

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When to use Parallax Scrolling in your UI?

Market research have shown that 95% of users assess the value of your website based on it’s visual appearance. Websites have to be creative and innovative enough to keep users attracted to your website. When someone visits your website, their first question would be “Why must I access this site when I have other real worth websites? What is so different about this site?” and that’s where your website has to stand out from the crowd dominantly, clearly and convincingly answering user’s queries and making them stay back on your website.

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