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Month: June 2015

How to integrate Adwords API in .Net


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Working with Apache Solr – A Developer’s Insights

Solr - Alignminds Technologies

Search module is a vital component in today’s web applications. Its importance as well as user friendliness is very critical in the growth of business. Two most important, mostly discussed, and widely used Search Engines are Apache Solr and Amazon CloudSearch. Both Solr and Amazon CloudSearch are search platforms that enable you to search your data by submitting HTTP requests and receive responses in either XML or JSON. Apache Solr is an open source software. It is written entirely in Java and uses Lucene as the “engine”, but adds full enterprise search server features and capabilities. Highly specialized search solution companies like lucidworks, search technologies etc may prefer creating plugins and modules using open source code which gives more the flexibility and control. The current, released, stable version of Apache Solr is 3.3.

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What makes Angular JS so hot?


angular js


Angular Js , the open source JavaScript framework is a winner in organizing and assisting web applications and single page applications. Created by Google to build single page applications, it is completely client-side and entirely JavaScript, so wherever JavaScript runs Angular JS also runs. The size less than 29kb makes Angular JS, highly minified and compressed. The beauty of Angular lies in the fact that every tool is designed such that it works with every other tool in an interconnected way. It uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) utility to improve browser-based web applications.

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