Rapid Mobile application Development (RMAD)  was introduced by the analyst firm Gartner which allows the business professionals to build and deliver cross platform business apps quickly and easily increasing the efficiency and time.It is the mobile equivalent of Rapid Application Model (RAD) which is based on the concept that high quality softwares can be built faster through much convenient process such as early prototyping, reusing the software components etc.

Speedy delivery of apps

Over the past 5 years we have seen a drastic increase in the number of apps along with growing demand for quicker and more efficient apps. With the growing demands and building the apps in a short time, we have seen the failure rate has also increased through out creation, deployment and management of mobile applications.

Most of the companies increased spending time and resources for the development of the mobile applications, however in many cases after spending a lot of time and resources for building an app , there is no guarantee that it will be used by more users. In addition to this, new technologies are introduced at a lightning speed, forcing business to introduce them to remain in the market.

Under these circumstances many of the companies  have come forward with Rapid Mobile App Development.

No code or development with little code

Main problem of the app development were the time taken and the resources needed for the creation of the app. Rapid Mobile App Development eliminates  most if not all coding when comes to the creation of an app. This codeless platform makes it possible for everyone, whether they have experience with coding or not, to build an app in a simple platform. Thus the severity involved in creating an app that would have taken months for completion has been reduced to mere minutes. That’s why the name RMAD, in which a non developer can also create and deploy the app quickly and in a short time.

Organizational Benefits

Once a company knows how to handle different projects created with RMAD platforms they can truly experience some of the best benefits. It is said that about 94 percent of the project either fail or the budget may be high, behind schedule or behind expectation. RMAD can help IT departments to meet their required quality and meet the project deadlines. Also it creates a common language between the IT department executives which increases the co-operation among the employees which can boost the company in their process.

Better Software development

One of the benefits of RMAD is better software development , since it can make use of the readily available software components. The prototype development which starts in the early phase acts like a framework and the same can be set up on existing projects or parts of the projects. This reduces the time for creation of the app from the scratch which reduces the cost and time. Rapid Mobile Application Development allows the developers to follow the Rapid prototyping model, in which a prototype is created with minimum requirement analysis and once the actual requirements are clearly understood  the prototype is discarded and actual system is developed with a clear understanding.

Management of apps created in RMAD

We have seen above that RMDB increases the productivity and build the apps more quicker than earlier. If an organization uses the RMDB to create few apps, managing the whole apps is not a big challenge, but if a company creates a numerous apps with a short time, suddenly they get piled up and it will be very difficult to manage. Business who use RMDB should keep in mind about this problem, and the solution for this is enterprise mobile application management platform.

With this platform, business can easily manage and keep track of all their apps, who should use and when it should be used. With these benefits, it will lead more people to use the apps and will have a better investment in return.

 - Ebin J Sebastian