App store optimization


App Store optimization is the process of improving the visibility of an App in an App store .

We know  more than one million apps exists in Apple Store and Google Play Store together. Making visible our app to the external world among these huge collection is not a simple task. I’m  here to discuss some of the App Store Optimization techniques which can be used for the  better recognition of our App. Here are some of the App optimization techniques for better visibility of App in the store.

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App Icons

App icons are the first impression that a user has about an app. In general, app icons should be eye catching such that user has to either download or make him go through the description and screen shots of the app. An app icon should convey for what the app is all about to the user.

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Some of the best practices that can be followed for an app designs are: Avoid using words in the app icon. The design of your icon should be consistent with you app design. It is always better to add a margin to your icon so that it will look great in all backgrounds. Also research for various designs to stand unique in the crowd.

App Name

App name  is the second thing after App icon that a user see when he searches for something in the Store. Make sure your app name itself gives a complete description of your app and is unique. Sometimes we might have come across certain app names which not at all suits them. Always it is better if the name you put in there acts like a  keyword. Avoid changing your app name often, that is stick on to one name even if there are multiple updates for your app. Finally make sure the name you selected for your app is short, attractive and catchy for all age group users.


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Keyword are one of the most important factor for app visibility in Store. When a user doesn’t know the exact name of the app, the search will be based on certain keywords associated with the app he/she searches for. iTunes give an option to enter the keywords with a 100 character limit which can be separated by commas whereas playstore takes the keywords from the App description which has a 4,000 character limit. The Keywords should appear 5 times in the app description in Google Play Store. App names with keywords also  have a better impact on the recognition of the app. In iTunes the character limit for App name is 255 words and if there is space left make sure you enter additional keywords which are relevant. But in case of Google play the character limit for App name is 30 and choosing the right keyword is so important.

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We all know, once the user click on our App on a desktop, iPhone/iPad or Android device only the first three lines of our App with App icon is visible. In all the cases user has to click on the “more” link to read the description completely. Always make sure to put the most important information in the first three lines, which gives the user a clear idea of what your App does and why is it different from others. Also make sure you have included a Call to Action sentence in the App description which actually invite the users to download, like “Download AA to enjoy BB now”. Avoid using technical sentence in the App description, let every user understand what is the app for and why it should be used. In Google Play store the word which is entered minimum 5 times in the Description will be considered as Keywords. Always make sure proper repetition of the words which can be a Key for the users.


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Screen shots are one of the first visual elements that  is visible to the user when viewing an App. If adding a screenshot, make sure the first two images in the screen shots convey what the app is for and why it should be used. Its not on the number of screens you have added but the information about the app in few screen. Always make sure there are some description of the screens you have added. Ensure the images used for this purpose are of same size, attractive and clearly visible to the user.

There are more things that are to be kept in mind while uploading an App in the App Store for better visiblity of the App. The points discussed here are some of them, which are to be followed in common. So lets together follow these simple techniques mentioned here for a better recognition.

-  Ebin J Sebastian