The mobile industry is one of the fast-growing industries. Among them, 75% are Android users.

People using smart-phones demand application with better performance and regular updates for apps they are using, which in turn is a huge scope for android mobile application development.

How to Start Your Android Development Journey

Beginners who have some basic programming knowledge can start developing android application even if they don’t have any application development experience. It is not necessary to join any Android application development course. Start by finding and following some good online tutorials on the internet.

There are many reasons to choose Android as a platform for application development. Such as;

  • Android is open source
  • It is easy to Learn
  • Fastest growing technology
  • Size of the market
  • Job prospects


Android is an open-source platform. Developers can leverage it to develop applications with different look and feel. Manufacturers can change it according to their needs and add functionalities to their phones to make them different from other phones in the market. Since it is open source, even you can download the source code and make your own android application.

Easy to Learn

It is easy to code on Android. Someone who is having basic programming knowledge can easily develop an android application. There are lots of online websites available from where you can study android app development for free.

Fast growing technology

Nowadays, mobile technology has almost all the features and capabilities to cut down the number of desktops and laptops usage. Modern smartphones and tablets are able to offer real means of computing-on-the-go for almost all types of business and personal requirements.

Size of the market

The number of available apps in the Google Play Store was most recently placed at 2.6 million apps and it is increasing day by day. Google Play is a huge and powerful market for Android apps. one who makes an app can be easy to sell their product through Google Play at free of cost.

Job prospects

As a result of an increase in android mobile users, Android developers are being hired in all sectors. An average person spends 3 hours a day in his/her smartphone making payments, online shopping, playing games, and on mobile applications. Nowadays Android apps are available for almost everything. Every business is developing its own mobile apps to improves sales and customer satisfaction and as a part of their marketing strategy. Websites are being vanished as a result of mobile apps.

How to Start Your Android Development Journey

  • Android Core Concepts
  • Official Android Training Guides
  • Download Android Studio IDE
  • Try some coding Official Android Training Guides
  • Stay up to date

Android Core Concepts

As someone who is going to develop an Android mobile application for the first time, you must have some basic idea about bellow concepts.

  • Activities
  • Fragments
  • Layout XML Files
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Sensors


Activity is the screen that the user interacts with. In an application, there will be one more activity. For example, we can consider login screen as an activity and when login gets success the user goes to another activity.


A fragment is a part of an activity. We can think fragment is like an independent part of a modular UI component attached to an activity. Since a single fragment can be used in many activities, Fragments are reusable.


Layout XML file

Activities, fragments, and some ViewGroups can use XML files to define their layout and contents. we can create our UI using XML code. Android studio provides an XML editor along with preview functionality.

XML Android development


Intents are the messaging system by which one activity is able to launch another activity.

Intent Android development


Android services are used to perform background tasks. We can create apps that work on the foreground as well as in the background. Services are used to create apps that work on the background. An alarm is a good example of service, as it always runs in the background when we set an alarm.


Android devices contain different types of sensors like Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, GPS, etc. We can access all these sensors programmatically and we can link with our application. For instance, we can access GPS for getting a position in our app.

Official Android Training Guides

The official training ( guide for Android developers from Google is extremely useful for any beginner developer. It has plenty of code examples and covers almost everything. They provide everything you needed to become an excellent android application developer. They also properly update their documentation if they replace any functions or elements with newer ones.

Official Android Training Guides

Download Android Studio IDE

Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that is used for building apps on every type of Android device. We can refer to the official website for download and installation of an android studio. It is also important that you need a high-end PC for the proper working of android studio.

Android Studio IDE

Try some coding

After the successful installation of your android studio, you can try some basic coding. Every new project on android studio is by default a sample app (Hello world). There are many websites out there having many numbers of sample tutorials. Just start with simple projects.

Stay up to date

Technologies are changing day-by-day. So, staying up to date with the latest trends is important. Google updates everything with the Android and they publish on their official site. We can update it from there. Staying up to date with the latest developing trends would be very helpful in starting a new project or refactoring an old one.


Android applications can be developed by anyone who is having a basic knowledge of programming. The Android development industry today offers an outstanding career for anyone who is enthusiastic in coding and help them to contribute to the field of technology innovation and application development.

- Dyenal Dinesh