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Do you think you get stuck with technical issues at work? Do you need help in development, designing or coding domains? I know the answer is always a big ‘Yes’. It’s the programmer’s worst enemy – it hurts your productivity, your confidence, your happiness and your peace of mind. It doesn’t mean that you are a failure or inefficient. Actually it’s just that the problem you are facing is complicated and you need help. So take this situation as a learning opportunity. First make sure that you do not get angry and frustrated on the situation, these will not guide you to the proper destination. So just take a break or do something else for a while and back with a fresh mind. You can make wonders with fresh eyes and cool mind.

A good developer comes through proper practice and experience, and they utilize all possible resources, this includes Google search, Helping Forums and all. Seeking help from other resources doesn’t make anyone a bad or lazy developer but a worse developer is one who didn’t know where to turn for help for resolving a problem. There is a wide range of problem-solving tools and Forums available. The most crucial thing is how we use it once information been found. Ideally we should read and understand the code and then eventually match with our issues then use ourselves without just copy & paste method.  Well let’s see some excellent forums and sites which help to wipes out the obstacles on your work!

> Stack Overflow

If you are a developer or designer, can you imagine days without Stack Overflow? Obviously its difficult right? If you are getting stuck, the best ever destination will be none other than Stack Overflow. So this is one of the most active technical Question &Answer sites and it was evoked by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky in 2008.

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Today the Stack Overflow can be rated as Programmer’s Heaven with its excellent tips on problem solving.  There are literally tons of programmers to resolve our problems.  If you are going to ask a question, first you do a proper search maybe it’s already been answered by experts. If you still need a broad level of fix on something new, then you can ask question. So when you get stuck with an error, invest time to convey question in proper way like you can post the exact text with error or post the code you have already tried and mention software versions and all. So it will let you to the proper and quick fix from the root itself.

Before going to ask question, keep on mind about:

  • Invest Time
  • Be on Topic
  • Start questioning yourself
  • Be prepared to communicate

So in short Stack Overflow is extremely helpful and it’s absolutely fit to declare as Programmer’s Heaven.


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Quora is an excellent question/answer service forum permitting its members to post questions, answers, comments and users can also search questions and answers for a quick fix. You can get the best code written by the experts on Quora. It’s a huge treasure with millions of fascinating answers on each and every topics you were interested. Quora can be used as a quick way reference for any kind of stuck you are facing. One of our team implemented coco3D with the expert guidance from Quora and we made it as a great success. It’s not only used as a helping forum but it’s a wide platform to share your valuable knowledge too. So get ready to share your great ideas and experience with the world. May be it would help others who were stuck with problems future.

> GitHub

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GitHub is awesome for managing all of the coding information. I’ve done a lot of research on GitHub and got excellent helps on my topics. It will provide perfect range of codes which to solve our issues and helps to correct our mistakes too.  It enable the users to discuss and filter the problems that they were trying to resolve. GitHub’s tagging system for issues can be considered as a great advantage, and the valid information shared by their repository then   people can get benefit on it. Complete code coverage is the highlight of this site so this becomes the programmer’s perfect guide as well. It can also help to correct our mistakes too. In this competitive programming world, GitHub will surely help to win your race.

> Creator’s own Forums

Are you a kind of a person who always initially seek helps from the creator’s domain means the exact experts who found the technology? I know some of my colleagues usually did the same while they get in to any kind of deadlocks in programming. Find solutions from the creator’s page will surely defeat every other resource. There we can get the helping hand from the real experts about issues on any area. They can easily help all from getting stuck on their technology and direct to achieve our goal. So be ready to get expert advice at your fingertips.

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Be sure to first visit wordpress own forum for any support on WordPress related problems, where each and every question can be answered quickly. If you are facing any issues Android, then you must first put your questions on Android Support center and for iOS you can get expert advice from iOS proffesional support team. So practice to dive into the Creator’s own helping forum now onwards and communicate with the real stars!

General Forums

Instead of above listed guides all, there is also some great knowledge treasure on web as well.  Let’s have a look on some effective sites which may help you in future for a quick fix.

  • Site Point

Site Point is one among the most popular online forum for developers and designers today. It recommended as a best place to get expert solution with around 250,000 members.

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  • Digital Point

Digital point is an excellent forum which is professionally managed by experienced technical leaders. It is one of the biggest webmaster communities for web developers and designers.

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> MacRumors

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MacRumors is Apple news and rumors website and it also an active in iPhone and iPad programming Forum. Every threads have proper replies and there are a wide variety of topics also and its worth explore your question here.

> Experts Exchange

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We can meet thousands of experts on Experts Exchange to answer every technical question, and it empowers the success of professionals all over the world.

> Dynamic Drive Forum

Dynamic Drive Forum described as programmers favorite place on web because it helps for find error on coding section.

So next time you are stuck, don’t get depressed but explore these resources and you will surely find light at the other end of the tunnel.

Jisna Mathew