Strategy and User Experience Design

Great software begins from great ideas. However, it requires powerful strategies to translate them into reality. Our approach is characterized by first discovering the unique value behind a concept. Our team will then work on a comprehensive game plan that sees through the different phases – Design, Build, Test, Deployment with finally the Branding and Promotion.

Our UI team will start with sketches or wireframes to develop ideas, and develop interactive prototypes. Browsing through a simple prototype gives you a better idea of how it works than looking at a static image. The graphic designer will start developing ideas about typography, color, layout and graphics once the prototype model is accepted.

We will collaborate closely with you and help you do multiple design reviews –the number of design review – refine- cycles will depend on the complexity of the project.

Finally, we will combine the user interface and the visual design. We now have a single model to develop and test.

What We Do
  • Design Specifications
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Visual Design
  • HTML/CSS Conversion
  • Responsiveness
  • Usability Testing
  • Accessibility Testing

Web and Cloud Development

Cloud technologies represent a paradigm shift in the mindset on how applications need to be built and run. We are fully aware of the infinite scalability and unprecedented reliability cloud now offers vis-a-vis traditional development. As result, we have redefined our processes, practices, roles and work-flows to take full advantage of the strengths and benefits of Cloud development.

Once the decision is made to leverage the capabilities of a cloud based model, our team will first evaluate the Service Model and determine providers. This is followed by considering the security and confidentiality requirements of the application from a Cloud suitability perspective. Finally we will review the performance requirements and start developing the architecture to minimize performance impact due to use of Cloud environment.

Process Highlights
  • All stake holders are able to see and make progress on the code and executables in real time without having to replicate data or have to change ownership
  • A version control system integrated with build automation tools
  • Parallel execution strategy for development, integration and release work
  • Make incremental changes and test often
  • Focus on small releases that provide most business value
  • Utilize aggressive milestone management

However, while we are exploring and building expertise on Cloud technologies, we continue to develop, maintain and manage web applications, websites and legacy applications in the traditional way as well, depending on our client’s requirements.

What we do

Cloud : Cloud Architecture Design, Deployment and Monitoring

Web : Enterprise Content Management Systems, E-Commerce, Social Networking Apps

Mobile Application Development

We understand that mobility is not just about building an app, but a whole new way for people, systems and businesses to connect, communicate and collaborate. Hence, as much as we are technology specialists, we realize that ultimately what matters are the benefits for your business and the experience of your end customer.

For this reason, our mobile development process begins by defining your business goals and your ROI model. In most cases, it will be one among these:

  • App store sales
  • In-app purchases
  • Drive revenue via advertising
  • Build deeper brand engagement with your customers
  • Carry out enterprise-level operations and functions

The next step would be defining your target audience. This would play a key role in making the right decisions regarding strategy, user experience, branding and promotion. We will then work with you to choose the technology and platforms. We will help you determine whether we must follow a native or cross-platform app development approach and for which platforms the apps need to be built.

Once these decisions are made, the requirements will be scoped following a formal discovery and scoping phase with you. We will help you outline the features, functionalities and user interface requirements. We will also help you to benchmark your features wish list against other apps that do the same thing well.

Now, we have to identify your data integration requirements. If you need your app to tie into existing systems, pull in data from external feeds, access a proprietary database, process payment — anything that requires communication with something outside of the app itself — we will help you decide the appropriate technology approach and solution.

Finally, once the apps are designed and developed by our engineers, we will put them through a rigorous testing process to make sure that it will perform flawlessly upon release.

What we do
  • Mobile Architecture Design
  • UI Design and Integration
  • App Development
  • Mobile Testing: Emulator & On-device testing
  • Application launch: App store submissions, Corporate app store setup