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Our Story

On every digital project we've worked on, we're proud of the difference we've made

All over the world people are using the apps, software applications and digital infrastructure we, as a leading digital transformation company in India, have helped to deliver. It could be to access news faster, order food, mobilize people to fight against corruption or to analyze data to make better decisions.

For more than 14 years we've been helping to deliver digital transformation across media, hospitality, retail and government sectors, making a difference to people's lives and ensuring a return on investment for our clients. During this time the landscape for technology has continually evolved, and we've stayed ahead of the curve, bringing innovative thinking and well defined processes.

In an ever-changing world, as client expectations shift and the pressure to adapt to emerging technologies ever higher, we'll keep finding new ways to make a difference.

It's our promise, the one that drives us, and gives us our unique position of aligning minds.

What our tagline

Engineering Knowledge Means

"Knowledge results from a far more complex process that is social, goal-driven, contextual, and culturally-bound. We get to knowledge — especially "actionable" knowledge — by having desires and curiosity, through plotting and play, by being wrong more often than right, by talking with others and forming social bonds, by applying methods and then backing away from them, by calculation and serendipity, by rationality and intuition, by institutional processes and social roles"

-David Weinberg

We believe that behind every game changing incarnation of technology and its application, there is always a creative, intelligent process of engineering knowledge.

AlignMinds greatest differentiation lies in applying such knowledge on a consistent basis to each and every engagement that we are welcomed to be part of.


Enough Structure, But Not Too Much


"Innovation—creating something new in ways that we can’t
fully anticipate—an emergent result—occurs most readily at the balance
point between chaos and order, between flexibility and stability".

At AlignMinds,

We Practice


Value First





Where We Want to Be

Majority of the team is made up of self-aware individuals whose individual actions are always aligned with our customers goals and expectations.

Maintain a catalyst style of leadership by inspiring others without losing the cohesion within the entire system.

Grow as an organization based on continuous learning from experiments.

Foster an open communication style facilitating collaboration and sharing.

Our style of governance is always based upon long-term business value and adaptation.

Every member of our team continuously seek mastery in their respective skills.

Meet our Team

The ones that inspire the rest

Devanarayan G Nair


The soul of AlignMinds is sculpted through collaboration, integrity, and ethical business practices. Driven by a vision of agility and innovation, we’re sketching a future rich with transformative success, where every breakthrough is a testament to our commitment to excellence and a reflection of our unwavering dedication to the values that define us.

Madhu M Peringote

Director Technology

Seamless aligning of minds within as well as with our customers, focus on the latest technology stacks and an instinctual urge to deliver value beyond stakeholder expectations. Proud to say that all these form an intrinsic part of our culture.

Manoj Pillai


Everything changes. It has always been so. But in software project management, the rate of change has increased so much that there is only one way for teams to survive – build a mindset that is flexible, open and endlessly creative by maintaining a healthy work environment.

Albin Antony

Solution Architect

From all my successful deliveries, the fundamental lesson I learnt is this – either you can look at the possibilities or obstacles. If you start teaching your mind to explore the possibilities, every problem will invariably find its own solution. It’s just that you should be careful not to let technology take precedence over the problem itself.

Juny George

User Experience

When we design, we try hard to make a connection with the user , how our Ul will converse silently with her psyche, what emotions it will invoke. If you just consider the rational mind, it is easy to generalize. But to understand the impact of design on emotions require a team that is extraordinarily empathetic.

Sarath Menon


We believe in self organizing teams and participative management. We embrace change as a fundamental premise to accelerated growth, learning and business success.

Juby Michael

Human Resources

Our people are the heart of everything that we do. Working with AlignMinds means being part of a team that values innovation, creativity and freedom at its best. We want you to enjoy what you do. And, we promise that every one of us will help you to do what you do best.

Varghese Samuel

Growth and Partnerships

As architects of digital transformation for businesses, we champion the power of strategic partnerships to fuel scaling and growth, leveraging collaborative innovation as the cornerstone of transformative success.

Saju Sukumar

Software Architecture

At the heart of our vision lies the belief that technology is not just an enabler but the cornerstone for solving complex business problems, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Neena Rani Jacob


We blend the personal touch of art with the meticulousness of science in every software project we undertake. Each step we take in software delivery is a reflection of our dedication to blending creativity with precision, all while staying true to the values that bring us together.


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