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24 eCommerce App Requirements That Can Turn Your Business Into A Success


Every major company in the world is turning towards developing mobile apps for their eCommerce requirements.

The eCommerce apps help to conserve time and money by helping the customers to shop at their will at any instant. It helps in an easier lifestyle. It is not a simple task to be first in this never-ending competition. eCommerce apps help companies to deliver an enjoyable experience to the users.

Customers look out for eCommerce apps while using the services of a company. eCommerce apps help the company in broadening its perspective. They can use this app as a key to reach every section of the society. ​Here is the list of the most needed eCommerce app requirements to become the best of its kind.

1. Know your customers

The first eCommerce app requirement is to know your target audience.

The company should analyze the needs and outlook of its customers. Understanding the necessities of the customers are useful while planning eCommerce app requirements. Good interaction with the customers through surveys and social media also helps in the development of the best eCommerce app.

Digital marketing tactics help the company in broadening the number of customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are part of digital marketing strategies that help in promoting a brand. Google AdWords is the most important and most used example of SEM.

Social Media Marketing and Email marketing are other examples of digital marketing.

2. Know your competitors

The company should analyze and have a close study of the competition in the eCommerce field. Providing more features than the competitors is not enough for an eCommerce company to grow. Offering great user experience and engaging content are also an essential part of growth.

The eCommerce app requirements should be based on the preferences of the customers. The innovations and ideas should suit the existing and potential customers and should not meet but exceed their expectations.

3. Customization of the eCommerce app

An eCommerce app should be simple and elegant.

The prime focus must be to meet customer requirements. ​Customization of the app based on the customers’ need and demand is an essential eCommerce app requirement.

Before planning eCommerce app requirements, the team should have an insight from the customers’ point of view. The app should​ help them with solving their problems and provide them with an outstanding experience.

4. A good feedback system

A feedback system is a very important eCommerce app requirement.

The company can get insights from the feedback system of the app. A good feedback system ensures the proper growth of the company. The feedback helps in implementing certain initiatives such as quick response and follow-ups based on customer queries. This also helps in improving the performance of the app.

Feedback collected directly through the app and while purchasing products helps the eCommerce company to know their limitations. Through the feedback of the customers, the app can guarantee a good user experience that builds loyalty and brand image of the company.

As a very essential eCommerce app requirement, the feedback system helps the business in gaining perfection in the quality of its services and customer relationship management.

5. Search options

Search platform with filters is one of the basic eCommerce app requirement.

A customized search bar with customer preferences is better than a basic one. The filters can also include the price range and ratings.

The search pattern of the customer can help in showing a personalized home screen or product section. A provision for comparing different products through the search bar can help the customers.

6. Reviews and Ratings

eCommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart use a system of ratings and reviews to help the customers. Such rating systems are an important eCommerce app requirement.

The ratings and reviews are very much helpful in determining whether the product fits the customers’ needs.

They also help a new user to know the quality and capabilities of a particular product. A provision for the users to upload images and videos of the products increases the chances of knowing the product. The system should also check and discourage fake reviews and ratings.

7. Sign up using various platforms

A Good eCommerce app should help the users to sign up using their social media account. This enables the customers to sign in by using other platforms such as Gmail, Facebook etc. and make the entire process a hassle-free experience.

This is another eCommerce app requirement which most of the customers search for while downloading or using an app.

The registration process should be simple and trouble-free​. Customers can share their experience of using the app on social media​. This will, in turn, help the eCommerce app to gain popularity and new customers.

8. Providing a good User experience

User experience is a significant eCommerce app requirement.

Knowing the needs and requirements of a customer helps in offering the best user experience. It shows how a customer interacts with the app, thus letting an eCommerce company know what are their priorities and desires. User experience helps in enhancing the quality of the app based on customer interests.

Discounts and rewards make the customer happy. ​This along with engaging content and best user experience​ make the customers delighted.

9. Optimization for offline availability

Many customers get frustrated when the app does not work properly in low network areas. App optimization for weak signals is a relevant eCommerce app requirement.

The developers should make sure that the users do not get disappointed while using the app. Offline compatibility of the app helps the company in gaining positive feedback from the customers.

10. Product gallery

A dedicated tab in the eCommerce app showing various images and videos of products helps the customers to an extent.

But these images or videos should be an accurate copy of the original product. Images and videos should be clear so that the customers can get a good​ understanding of the product​.

11. Analytics incorporated into the app

Courtesy: Clutch 2019 E-Commerce survey

A chief eCommerce app requirement is, ​it should provide accurate insight into product preferences and sales.

These data will help in understanding what products are selling and develop new products that are similar to trending products. This helps the eCommerce company to have positive growth.

The analysis of the data helps in enhancing the usability and features of the eCommerce app. Thus data analysis driven renovations help in increasing the number of customers. This will escalate the revenue of the company.

Data analysis can be also used to decipher the interests of the people.

12. Notifications and wish list

Creating a wish list based on the interest of the users is an essential component of an eCommerce app. Notifications about products on wish lists help the users to get better deals on their favourite products.

Discounts given on the price or delivery of items in the wishlist makes customers happy.

Push notifications help in advertising new arrivals on the platform. Notifications based on the search criteria inform the users about the availability of their desired product. ​Alerts should be customizable for the users based on their convenience.

Customers should be able to know if the desired product is available in their area. If not, the eCommerce app should help them with enabling notifications so that when the product becomes available, the customers can place an order.

13. Compatibility in various platforms

Compatibility is another important eCommerce app requirement. It should be equally compatible with various platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS.

Keeping the same design and interfaces across different platforms helps in avoiding confusion among users​. A simple UI/UX design helps everyone with basic knowledge to use it conveniently.

14. Personalizing app usage

An option for personalising the app according to their taste and preferences will help an eCommerce app to win the heart of its users. Options like customising the theme and other features ​will give the eCommerce app a new dimension.

Full access over privacy settings is also a key eCommerce app requirement.

15. Usage of AI and AR

Using Artificial Intelligence (A. I) helps in minimizing human interaction. It creates a friendlier interface in the eCommerce app. AI customizes and ​revolutionizes ​the user experience by personalizing the content, according to the customer.

Besides, through AI, the eCommerce firm can check the customer choices by having a deeper understanding of the search patterns. This also helps in knowing the preferences and tastes of the user.

Augmented Reality (AR) ​offers the user a chance to see and feel the product, like in the real world, before owning it.

16. Payment options

The app should house maximum payment options to its users. Online payment, cash on delivery, e-wallet are popular among customers who use eCommerce apps.

Multi-currency payment options with high-level security are an essential part of an eCommerce app. Payment options for international users also help the app ​to rank as one of the most favoured one in the eCommerce section.

Security is the most important part of the payment feature. This eCommerce app requirement should be planned without any flaws.

17. A faster check-out and delivery

A good eCommerce app should value the time of the customer. So faster page navigation with a faster check-out is an additional eCommerce app requirement.

Details such as price and product specifications, accurate date of delivery help the customers to plan their purchase accordingly. If there are any delays in delivery, the app should communicate it with the customers with the help of notifications.

18. Special membership options and loyalty programs

An eCommerce app can provide special membership status to customers.

Customers with such special status can​ book and view products before they arrive on the platform. Loyalty programs catch the eye of the customers and this can generate more revenues if marketed well. Loyalty programs made available helps in increasing the number of users ​and building a long-lasting relationship with the brand.

These programs can also include discounts and reward points on specific items.

19. Discounts with flash sales

The eCommerce app can conduct flash sales with good discounts on a weekly or monthly basis. This eCommerce app requirement helps the brand in its promotions by making use of social media and other types of advertisements.

This helps in increasing the value of the app in the public’s eye. Flash sales also help in gaining ​more users for the app.

20. Using live chatbox

Enabling live chat helps the customers to interact directly with ​customer care in real-time.

Live chatbox make it much easier to clear the queries of the customer. ​Company representatives ​can respond and communicate with the customers through the chatbox and also help them ​with finding the best product for their need or solving any inconvenience they are facing on the platform. Live chatbox is a very essential eCommerce app requirement in this internet-connected world.

21. Returning products and raising questions

If the product does not satisfy the customer, there should be an option for returning it. Offering a refund or return option helps an eCommerce company to build trust in the eyes of their customers.

The customers should also be able to raise questions about their desired product ​or the purchase process​. ​The questions, if answered in a time-bound manner, will help the eCommerce business to win the trust of the customer.

22. Ease of access

Any kind of disability should not stop anyone from using the features of an eCommerce app. The design should ensure that everyone can use the app with ease.

The app can incorporate screen narrator and provide search options based on speech. A smartphone camera can help a disabled person to search by product images. This eCommerce app requirement gives an equal ​level of accessibility ​to every customer.

23. Frequency in updates

Frequent updates ​fix bugs ​and introduce additional features.

New updates should use only a small amount of storage space from the device. Planning is important while releasing new updates. Safety and security are of prime importance and steps taken to resolve such issues make the app safer.

eCommerce apps should regard the privacy concerns of the users with the utmost respect.

24. Ads and featured products

Ads bring revenue to the business through more sales ​and commissions​.

However, the presence of ads on the platform may irritate some users. ​The ads should not be too pushy to the viewers. Personalizing ads or an option to filter out sponsored products will help in solving this problem.

Personalised ads will help users to find their desired products more easily. It will help the eCommerce business to increase sales through better conversion. ​Personalised ads can be also displayed on the home screen of the app.

The most important factor determining the success of an eCommerce app is the team who develops it.

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