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Top 7 UI/UX Trends in 2024


2024 is here and user interface and experience design are all set to undergo another significant evolution. The blog piece will discuss 7 transformative UI/UX trends ready to shape the year ahead.

Before we begin, here are some interesting statistics to note:

1.88% of customers are less likely to revisit a site with a bad UX.

2.79% of internet users, dissatisfied with a website’s UX and UI, promptly seek alternative sources.

3.45% of users expect content to appear appropriately across various devices.

4.75% of consumers assess a website’s credibility by its appearance.

Customers are growing more digital-savvy and raising the bar for what constitutes a satisfactory digital encounter. Hence, staying abreast of the latest is paramount to facilitating seamless UX/UI experiences for consumers.

Creating digital excellence with the top 7 UI/UX trends

Generative design involves the utilization of algorithms and artificial intelligence to explore design possibilities and automatically generate unique and diverse design solutions. Machine learning models help iterate through design options and produce optimized outcomes. Generative design enables the automatic generation of layouts, color schemes, typography selections, and content by leveraging user interactions and predefined parameters.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Picture a small-sized e-commerce business named ‘X’ that specializes in gadgets. The brand decides to leverage generative design to enhance its online platform. It helps ‘X’ automate the creation of its website layouts, color schemes, and even product descriptions based on real-time user interactions and preferences. When a user browses via a smartphone, the generative AI algorithms analyze their behavior – the products they are searching for, the color schemes that attract their eye, or the font size they prefer. In response, the website dynamically adjusts, presenting personalized layouts. The best part is whenever the brand releases new products or offers special discounts, the generative design ensures that the item is presented in a visually appealing manner.

• Bold typography

Bold typography promises to be one of the most popular 2024 design trends. The trend goes beyond the concept of making text visually striking. It helps create an impactful visual hierarchy within a user interface. Leveraging bold fonts for headlines and core business messaging ensures that important information stands out prominently. Furthermore, bold typography is best for enhancing brand personality and recognition. It evokes emotions better and remains legible even on smaller screens, creating a positive mobile user experience.

Bold Typography - 2024 Design Trends

Credit: Freepik

• Augmented reality

Augmented reality will continue to evolve and impact the UI/UX ecosystem. Designers can leverage the AR technology to create engaging and memorable customer experiences. It focuses on spatial computing, where the user’s physical space becomes an important aspect of brand interaction. Furthermore, augmented reality helps in enhanced product visualization. It means that users can visualize products in their real-world surroundings before making a purchase. This is especially relevant in the e-commerce industry, where customers can try out furniture, clothing, and other items virtually. Amazon is one of the top e-commerce platforms that leverages AR to provide product visualization to customers.

Augmented reality

Credit: Amazon

• Dark mode

Dark mode is another famous trend that is said to create seamless UX/UI experiences. It refers to the utilization of a darker color palette for the user interface. It involves dark backgrounds and light texts or elements. Nowadays, users prefer dark mode, especially in low-light environments, as it reduces eye strain and alleviates the impact of blue light emitted by screens. Moreover, new-age customers consumers find black mode visually appealing. It creates a modern and sleek look and enhances the overall aesthetics of the brand website or application. One more advantage of dark mode is that it helps shift the focus on the content – on the brand’s core business message. Users may find it easier to concentrate on the information they are consuming. Spotify is one of the best examples of brands leveraging the dark mode approach.

Dark mode

• Animation

There is no denying that this trend is set to create a digital design revolution in 2024. Animated elements are capable of capturing the user’s attention quickly and creating a more delightful experience. Animations can be used to guide users through a process or provide feedback on their interactions. For example, subtle transitions or micro-interactions can indicate to users that an action is in progress. Animations work wonders when it comes to brand storytelling. It can convey information more dynamically. Infographics and product tours can benefit from animated elements to make the business information more engaging. Apple is one of the most popular brands to have leveraged animation to showcase their product.


• Voice user interface

Voice user interface is one the most relevant next-gen UX/UI trends for 2024. It is defined as the technology that allows users to interact with a system using voice commands. With a voice interface, brands can enable a more natural and intuitive way for users to interact with their applications. It enables hand-free operation, allowing users to perform tasks without using the keyboard or touching the screen.

Google’s Voice User Interface

Google’s Voice User Interface

• Neumorphism

It is a modern take on skeuomorphism – a design style that mimics real-world objects and materials. It is characterized by a soft, minimalist, and three-dimensional look. The user interface elements are slightly raised from the background, creating a subtle shadow and highlighting effect. Neumorphism is versatile and can be easily applied to various design elements such as buttons, cards, forms, and more. The best part is it gives the interface a modern and trendy appearance.


Credit: Freepik

Wrapping up

We hope our blog helped you gain an understanding of all the emerging UI/UX trends in 2024. Here at AlignMinds, we help businesses with UX design/Research. We are committed to designing digital interfaces that align with how humans naturally interact and perceive information. We also support businesses with UI/UX re-engineering. The process involves a comprehensive assessment, strategic planning, and the implementation of changes to enhance all the touchpoints a user has with the product.

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