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TextParse AI

Unlock the power of automation with our Universal Document Parsing Tool. Whether you're sifting through piles of resumes or processing passport details, our tool ensures quick, accurate, and efficient data extraction. Say goodbye to manual data entry and embrace the future with our AI-powered solution, tailored for businesses that value time and precision.


Introducing a state-of-the-art Universal Document Parsing Tool that effortlessly extracts and structures data from resumes and passports. With the power of advanced algorithms and AI models, this tool is designed to simplify and automate data extraction, making it a breeze for businesses to process and manage information.

Advanced Features for a Smarter Interaction

User-Friendly Upload

Interface Allows users to easily upload documents, be it a resume in PDF format or an image of a passport.

Advanced Text Extraction

Extract text from PDFs and images.

AI-Powered Data Structuring

Leverages the GPT model to structure extracted data into a user-friendly JSON format.

Data Preprocessing

Enhances the quality of extracted data by removing noise, correcting errors, and normalizing text.

Interactive Front-End Display

Presents the structured data in an intuitive and interactive format for users.

Use Cases


  • Recruitment Agencies

    Streamline the process of shortlisting candidates by quickly extracting key details from resumes.

  • Job Portals

    Enhance user experience by auto-filling profile details from uploaded resumes.

  • HR Software

    Integrate resume parsing to simplify candidate data management.

  • Immigration Services

    Automate data entry tasks and reduce human errors.

  • Travel Agencies

    Speed up the booking process by extracting traveler details directly from passport images.

  • Hotel Check-ins

    Enhance guest experience by quick check-ins using passport data extraction.

Medical Records

Invoice & Receipt

Academic Transcript

Bank Statement

Vehicle Document