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Revolutionizing Business Efficiency: BML's Seamless Journey to Azure, Citrix DaaS, and Site-to-Site VPN

About the Client

Burton McCumber & Longoria, L.L.P., a full-service international accounting and management consulting firm, has served the needs of individual and corporate clients in the United States, Mexico, and around the world since 1991.

BML is an independent member of HLB International, a worldwide network of professional accounting firms.

In addition to traditional services such as assurance, tax, accounting, and management consulting for both domestic and international firms, they also provide specialized services in fraud and forensics, cross-border transactions with Mexico, accounting and management consulting for Maquiladora/IMMEX, business services, litigation support, and information technology.

Head office in McAllen, Texas, BML has branch offices in Brownsville, and Matamoros and 70+ users across these branches.

The Challenges

  • Most employees collaborate using multiple technology devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile phones. The need to manage such a diverse workforce, often comprised of outdated and slow-moving hardware, reduced end-user productivity and increases service desk headaches. Not to mention managing endpoint software licenses or provisioning new devices for newcomers.
  • The cumbersome process of setting up a new machine for new entrants, like asset tagging, and securing the data of departing employees, was a pain point for the IT team and caused frustration among the management, and employees.
  • Confidentiality of data transfer between branches.
  • Slow upgrades: People who just got their computers may have different needs than people who have had them for several years. IT team is left to manage a variety of releases and platforms in this situation.
  • Maintenance: The old hardware and software required frequent maintenance activities to be performed.
  • Hardware inventory: Keeping an accurate record of the devices that are assigned to particular users can be time-consuming. There are always surprises or missing devices during an audit.
  • Shrinking IT Budgets.

  • The Process

  • Considering the problems faced by Burton we proposed Citrix DaaS Standard solution as a viable solution for their problems.

    Citrix DaaS was chosen to ease IT management and deliver do-it-yourself cloud-based apps and desktops.

    • Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service):Based on the problems identified, we suggested Desktop as a service (DaaS) as a solution to reduce costs and management.

    • Deployed HP Thin Client systems for DaaS access.

    • Azure:Signed-up with Azure Cloud and selected a low latency region and datacentre for cloud operation.

    • MicroTik:Implemented site-to-site VPN and printer sharing across all branches and Azure Cloud.

    • Ubiquiti Wi-Fi:Improved the Wi-Fi and network performance.

    • Synology Inc:Centralized file storage and version history.

    • Created Golden Image for the Citrix DaaS with required application.

    • Migrated servers and conducted POC works.

    • MmindMeister:We used brainstorming tool such as MmindMeister to collaborate, identify, requirement gathering and collect data.

Technologies Used

Azure Cloud, Azure Blob, Citrix DaaS, Synology NAS, MikroTik, MmindMeister, HP ThinClinet workstations, IPsec


AlignMinds was successfully able to understand the customer’s pain points and provide a solution that helped BML to reduce costs and improve security and availability.

  • Using Citrix DaaS, 90% faster roll out of desktops for new employees.
  • High-performance desktops based on the employees’ requirements.
  • 70% faster security patching, and software updates using Citrix DaaS.
  • Moved from the CAPEX model to the OPEX model and reduced costs.
  • Using Synology NAS, Azure Blob, and IPSec VPN, we secured file transfer and storage between branches and avoided third party cloud storages.
  • Reduced e-wasting, electricity consumption, high availability, security patching, data protection etc using Azure Cloud and Citrix DaaS.
  • Using MikroTik and Ubiquity networking devices, we improved the networking security, availability up to 55% when comparing with previous outages, performance and tickets.