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Unlocking Performance Excellence: AlignMinds' AWS Transformation for a Leading LMS Provider

About the Client

Our client is a large US based provider of Learning Management solutions.

The Challenges

  • Legacy solution prevented them from expanding and extending their content and adding functionality without spending a dime.
  • Rising infrastructure costs.
  • Maintenance of the application was a nightmare.

Client wanted the LMS to be scaled for more users, bring in operational excellence and improve security and reliability.



  • We redesigned and migrated the legacy LMS application to the AWS cloud. The learning management solution was revamped using the combination of serverless and autoscaling architecture of AWS.

The Process

System analysis.


Evaluated the System’s Migration-Readiness.


Defined a Cloud Transformation Roadmap.


Migration Strategy Plan.


Conducting POC.


Identify Dependencies.


Create a Data Migration Plan.


Migrate the system.


  • Once migrated, we tested the environment thoroughly
  • -Performance Testing
  • -Security Testing
  • -Functional Testing
  • -Disaster Recovery


    Technologies Used

    AWS WAF, DynamoDB, Load Balancers, X-Ray, Cloud Watch, AWS EC2, AWS Cognito, AWS Lambdas, Amazon Simple Storage Service, AWS Elastic Search Service, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon SNS and Amazon SES, Amazon Translate, Amazon Polly, C#, MS SQL


    • Cost reduction by 35%
    • Improved performance
    • Security
    • Easier to maintain

    Learners can now take online training, book classroom sessions, and work toward certification through one central portal. Each student also has their own unique personalized curriculum, as well as access to a learning library of additional learning content, most of which is video-based.