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Legacy System Modernization for Fintech

About the Client

Our client is a fintech start-up company building the future of patient finance.

Alignminds helped with a legacy modernization in order to create a new user-friendly version of the website, including the integration of banking and other features.

The Challenges

  • Enhancing Performance: A platform that provided 99.99 uptime was needed, as well as the ability to make real-time updates, which is crucial if one is delivering financial data in a timely manner.
  • Cutting Costs: In order to run applications, costs associated with maintenance and licensing are one of the major aspects that cannot be avoided. To reduce these costs, we offered proactive and responsive maintenance strategies. As a result of right-sizing cloud resources and optimizing the use of software licenses, our goal was to get the best cost optimization strategy in place by right-sizing cloud resources and optimizing the use of software licenses.
  • Improving Security: Because financial data transactions were a part of their daily routine, a highly secure system was necessary as they were dealing with financial data every day. There is a need for a modern secure cloud solution in order to prevent even the tiniest chance of any cyber threats and/or attacks, which could result in massive outages as a result.

Old Architecture


  • 1.In order to migrate their infrastructure to Amazon Web Services, we targeted an intelligent approach. With the help of CloudEndure, we were able to synchronize all their data during offline hours in order to provide them with a modernized solution that would enable a faster time-to-market and enable them to increase their productivity. In order for them to continue to run their business smoothly, we have also implemented a zero-downtime policy which allows them to work 24 hours a day.
  • 2.Thanks to a successful cloud computing infrastructure and data modernization, costs were reduced by 43% following cloud cost optimization best practices. By sizing resources, we avoid over-provisioning and focus on scaling capacity to meet changing requirements based on data demand.
  • 3.To increase security, we have built advanced logging and security systems using encryption mechanisms. AWS Shield allows us to meet the highest security standards. This allows our DevOps team to create application-specific security rules that control how traffic reaches systems. It helps deploy web security at multiple points in the development chain.
  • 4.The new applications are powered by a flexible microservices architecture that makes real-time updates and new feature implementations easier than ever. On the front end, a new UI layer and modern visualizations have been introduced, providing a neat and clean look and optimized user experience.

The Process

Planned goals and triggers.


Reached key stakeholders from both the IT side and the business side.


Established objectives and prioritized assessments for cloud migration.


Decided the sequence for migration and modernization.


Costs estimation.


Discovered and assessed on-premises applications.


Tested approaches and pilot runs.


Continuous monitoring and enhancing security.


Once migrated, we tested the environment thoroughly.


Performance Testing


Security Testing


Functional Testing


Disaster Recovery


New Architecture


  • Availability: 99.99%
  • Cost Optimization: 40%
  • Security and Compliance: 100%