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Scalability and Performance Optimization -
Barn Management System

About the Client

The Client is a US based organization providing best-in-class market barn management software meant to centralize and automate all of your paperwork and activities for animals and barns large and small.

Everything you need to keep track of growth and improvements, including recording, a feed chart, a horse’s bio, activity logs, crucial reminders, and media storage.

The Challenges

  • The client’s web application which was in React js and Laravel required modernization by the addition of new functionality to make it a future-proof application.
  • There were numerous bugs in the current app that also needed to be corrected.
  • For the web application to function properly, the client required round-the-clock support.

Old Architecture


  • 1.The first stage was to fix any bugs that already existed, such as the payment choices that were previously available just to US customers but are now available to all customers globally.
  • 2.2. The functionality of the gallery was implemented entirely from scratch because the current scripts contained numerous faults that were difficult to fix.
  • 3.3. The storage service needs to be improved because the client wanted to give all users the ability to upload videos of any size and give them the greatest performance available.

The Process

Stating few examples of initial bug fixing
  • 1.The dropdown for activities were only showing 1st level activities. This was an already existing bug; we included all activities which are active from the backend.

    We debugged the issue by including paginated loading setup to load 200 activities at a time to avoid any UI issues. (frontend)We Separated each level of activities in dropdown.

  • 2. Initially, all level activities were shown in a single dropdown which was an inconvenience for users to search and find one. So, we showed one dropdown for the parent activity category, and when it’s selected a different dropdown appears by side for the child category. And when we select the 3rd level category it concentrates into one single dropdown which shows the category name in detail.


Only US clients could make payments through the payment gateway that is integrated within the web app. The client aimed to make it affordable for all of his clients worldwide. A procedure of internationalisation was done for this purpose.


No size restrictions will be maintained by the client for the videos that users can download. Large video uploads were having an impact on the app’s performance because they reduced video quality due to Cloudinary’s technical restrictions.

As a result, it was updated to Amazon S3 and CloudFront, a top-tier storage service that provides the best scalability, data availability, security, and performance in the business. Any quantity of data can be stored on Amazon S3 and retrieved at any time, from any location.


We are also developing a mobile application for the client, which is in its final stage of completion and ready to go live.


New Architecture


  • The issues such system crashes or inaccurate results, which can lead to considerable performance loss, were noticeably reduced by fixing the bugs and offering round-the-clock support.
  • The user experience and scalability were both enhanced by the upgrade to S3, which also improved reaction speed and video quality.
  • A fully equipped gallery module with all the details of the horses, with the best quality videos helped the customers to showcase their product.
  • Increased business benefits from the PG’s internationalization.