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At A Glance

A UAE based startup, Boxit desired to introduce a unique solution in the market that would help people to store their personal items remotely and safely.

AlignMinds developed a web and mobile-based solution that helps registered users to connect with major storage space providers and make requests for sending, storing and receiving their personal items all through a single platform.



Key Results

People in the middle east now have a unique way to store their personal belongings remotely and safely, helping them to have free space at home.

The success of the solution helped the startup to expand their presence to UAE, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Kuwait and win various awards and recognition.



JQuery HTML based Front-end

SQL Server as backend

Objective C

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    Hiring storage space has never been so easy.

    The Client

    Boxit Storage is a fast-growing startup that offers 24/7 self-storage service across the Middle East. The startup offers an easy and cheap self-storage pay-as-you-go service that takes care of all your personal possessions and keeps them safe remotely. The startup is the winner of so many awards including top 50 most promising startups in the UAE by Forbes, Dubai smart city app hack, Seedstars World, Meetup Mena and Spain startup’s The South Summit.

    The Requirement

    Boxit wanted to introduce a simple, easy to access, cost-friendly, safe and technology-driven solution that helps people to store items that they don’t use regularly but wouldn’t want to throw away.

    The Challenge

    People living in metropolitan cities have something in common. They lack enough space to store their personal belongings. This has put them in a difficult situation where they are compelled to maintain their personal inventory within a limit. The only solution available in a situation like this was to find a common storage space that is easy to access, affordable and secure. But such a solution demanded the development of a platform where people can directly connect with storage providers and make requests to them to send, store and receive their personal items 24/7.

    The Solution

    After brainstorming the features and functionalities to be bundled with the solution, our team came up with an idea for a platform that enables users to connect with reputable logistics companies who have spare space to offer and request them to store their items and take back the stored ones whenever they want, all through a single platform.

    Using the solution, users can request a box with dimensions of their choice, choose pickup date & time, make payment and view the status of their request. The moment a user makes a request for storage, the information is communicated directly to the registered last-mile delivery service provider. Once the item is safely shifted to the remote storage, users have the options to see the items that in store by visiting the dashboard.



    The solution was developed using the latest trends prevailing in the market. To make the interface attractive and useful to the users, we incorporated different trends like responsive design, transparent background and ghost buttons.

    Box setup

    This core function enables users to request a box with dimensions of their choice, choose pickup date & time, make payment and view status of the request made.


    The dashboard helps registered users to view the items in the store and request for return if needed.

    Alert system

    Admin and sub admin category users get automated alert messages when the system meet with something unexpected. For example, if no pickup or delivery happens within a stipulated time, an alert message will be generated and is sent to all the administrators.

    The Result

    The solution developed by our team helped Boxit to introduce a brand-new solution that helps people with their personal storage needs. Now the people in the middle east do not have to sell or throw away their old possessions to make space for new items. The success of the solution helped Boxit to expand their presence to UAE, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Kuwait. The solution has also helped the startup to win various awards and recognition.


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