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Royal Media Services Limited wanted a mobile application that is compatible with any Android, iOS or Windows tablet and phones to enable live streaming of programmes and shows of their 14 radio channels to improve their market share.

AlignMinds developed a robust, user-friendly mobile app with state of the art UX and UI to enable anyone with a smartphone to live stream programmes and shows of RMS radio channels from anywhere at any time.



Key Results

The solution helped Royal Media Services Limited to expand their existing radio reach beyond their territorial border.

The mobile app has enabled a new way for people of Africa to access all RMS radio stations at a single place.

The extra features like audio recording, two-way interaction and pause and playback available with the solution have helped in overcoming the drawbacks of traditional radios.


Android : Java, Android SDK & libraries

iOS : iOS SDK, Objective C

Windows : .NET, C #, Windows Phone SDK 8.0

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    The Client

    Royal Media Services Limited is the largest media house in Eastern Africa. They have fourteen radio stations under their wing and Kenya’s most popular TV channel, Citizen TV, belongs to the same family. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

    The Requirement

    Royal Media Services Limited needed a mobile application based on Android, iOS and Windows platforms to exclusively stream live radio programmes and make their services accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

    The Challenge

    Royal Media Services Limited is the largest media house in Kenya. So, the requirement demanded that the solution should suit the size of their audience and the brand name that they have.

    RMS has fourteen radio channels under their wing along with Kenya’s most popular TV channel, Citizen. To enable their services to be accessible at any time by anyone with a mobile phone, the solution we develop had to be robust enough to take care of the demand. The architecture had to be reliable enough to handle requests at a large scale without any interruptions, real-time.

    We didn’t want to make the solution look similar to traditional radio devices. While traditional radio offers only one-way communication, we wanted the solution to be interactive, user-friendly and bundled with more features than traditional radios.

    The Solution

    Our team developed a mobile-based solution that helps people to listen to their favourite RMS radio station online for free, from anywhere at any time. With RMS Radio app, you can listen to Radio Citizen, Hot 96 FM, Ramogi FM, Inooro FM, Musyi FM, Egesa FM, Bahari FM, Mulembe FM, Sulwe FM, Wimwaro FM, Muuga FM, Chamgei FM and Vuuka FM.

    The app is designed and developed in a way that it is compatible with mobile and tablet devices. Our UX team took extra care in incorporating the brand image of RMS into the solution. The navigation offers a hassle-free experience to the users and switching between radio channels is a bliss. The inner pages are suitable for live streaming of radio programmes and the app is bundled with other extra features.


    UX/ UI design

    The specially designed UX and UI enables smooth, uninterrupted streaming of radio programmes and makes switching between radio channels hassle-free.

    Live streaming

    The app offers seamless live streaming of radio programmes. Users can listen to their favourite radio programmes live from anywhere at any time.

    Car Mode

    User can search radio channels using voice search and buttons are enlarged for better visibility and control.

    Favourite button

    Users can add stations, shows and presenters to favourites by simply tapping on the favourite button.


    Users can record programmes and listen to them later.


    This feature allows users to set a reminder for their favourite show and they will be notified when the show is about to start.


    Share what you are listening to with your friends and family.


    This feature allows users to send comments to the presenter.

    The Result

    The new live streaming radio mobile application helped Royal Media Services Limited to add one more feather in their cap. Listeners of RMS got an additional avenue to access their favourite programmes and this helped RMS to affirm their brand position once again.

    The app is downloaded more than 100,000+ times on Google Play Store and has received an overwhelming response from the users. It got an average rating of 4.0 on Google Store currently and, around 85% of reviews are positive.


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