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Legacy co., a US-based startup wanted to develop a solution that would help people to create meaningful videos and share them at a later stage in life or even after death.

AlignMinds developed a mobile application that is most secure and cost-effective to help the startup to transform its unique concept into a user-friendly solution.



Key Results

Introduction of world’s first platform for delayed, meaningful video sharing.

One of the most secure platforms to share your content with friends and family.

The mobile app helps its users to create 6 types of content that can be shared with their circles immediately or pre-planned to be shared on special occasions like birthdays, or even after death.


Framework : React Native

Backend : NodeJS.

Database : PostGreSQL.

Storage : Google Drive

Encryption : AES, RSA

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    The mobile platform for encrypted video sharing.

    The Client

    Legacy Co. was a startup based in Texas, USA. The newly found company wanted to make a space of their own in the market by introducing a unique solution that will set a new example to other startups.

    The Requirement

    Legacy Co. wanted to announce their presence in the market by introducing a novel solution that focuses on keeping your loved one present even after their death through delayed video sharing without compromising on the privacy and security of both the platform and content created.

    The Challenge

    The startup Legacy wanted to turn their concept into a beta solution that is unique, personal and secure at the same time.

    Since the idea of real-time content sharing for instant gratification was unappealing to the client, creating a solution that is based on the concept of social media was not a choice we could make. Also, there was nothing unique about creating another social media to share content.

    Instead, we decided that the solution should be more like a “content sharing platform” that can be used by people to create stories and share them with their circles immediately or at a later stage in life like during special occasions. The solution had to be helpful to people who want to create meaningful videos for their friends and relatives as a posthumous message.

    The real challenge was to make the platform and the content created by its users, which is very personal to them, secure. Encrypting and decrypting videos is a time-consuming process. Since we were least interested in compromising on security for the sake of speed, our talented team of developers came up with a new security methodology that is super-fast and most secure at the same time.

    The Solution

    The experience we amassed in the mobile app development industry helped us to identify that developing a cross-platform app will be the best option to keep the development cost under control and help the startup.

    For the first time in the history of secure video sharing, Google Drive was used as a medium to store the content. Even though Google Drive has basic privacy settings that could help someone to store their content securely, we were determined to make sure that the content created by users of Legacy are inaccessible by anyone who is outside the targeted circle. To achieve this, our team developed a new API for Google drive along with developing a new security methodology that makes use of advanced two-layer encryption. The newly developed methodology uses a trademark procedure to cut down the time needed for encrypting and decrypting the data it is intended to secure.

    The app welcomes new users with a signup screen and existing users can sign in using Facebook or Gmail.

    Registered users can connect with friends and family and add them to any of the three circles available. Since the content we create is personal to us, we identified the need to set different privacy settings for each circle. For example, contacts who are added into the outer circle are eligible to receive only the public content.

    Each post can be shared immediately, pre-planned to be delivered on a special occasion in the future or set to be delivered after the user has passed away. A layer of encryption was used to make the user-generated content more secure.


    Google Drive as a medium for secured data storage

    It was for the first time in the industry a solution was developed using Google Drive as a medium for secure data storage.

    Advanced two-layer security without compromising on the speed

    The solution uses a unique two-layer security methodology to secure the content generated by its users. The methodology is separately developed by AlignMinds to offer maximum security to content that is created with an intention to share only with a group of people. While encrypting and decrypting videos is a time-consuming process generally, developing our own method has helped us to not worry about the speed of the process.

    6 different unique video sharing dialogues

    Use Legacy to tell a story, share thought and ideas, give advice, share a secret, share a live experience, or create videos that to be delivered on a special occasion in the future like during a birthday or anniversary.

    Social sign up

    New users can sign up using Facebook or Gmail. Or use email as an alternative option to sign up.

    Create Circles

    Create a curated list of people who are close to you. Categorise them as trusted contacts, inner circle or outer circle to manage the privacy of content you create.

    Life Extension Grams

    Create meaningful video for your circles that will be delivered after you passes away based on the parameter you have set.

    Profile editing

    Add specific dates to your profile that is personal to you like your birthday. If a user of Legacy records a video for your birthday, Legacy will ensure that the video is delivered at the right time.

    The Result

    The solution helped the startup, Legacy, to announce their entry into the market. The app was a big success after the launch attracting more than hundreds of downloads and people referring their friends and relatives to hop on to the platform. The novelty of Legacy app encouraged many other startups to think out of the box and develop solutions focusing on uniqueness and personal approach.


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