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Referr LLC wanted to develop a solution that would make it simple for people to recommend local businesses and services to their friends and family.

AlignMinds developed a referral app based on the concept of ‘referral based social networking’ that allows people to recommend businesses to their circles and win rewards and gift cards in return.




Key Results

The simple yet unique way to connect with friends and family and, help them find businesses and services they need in return for rewards and gift cards impressed so many common people to join the referral platform and recommend it to their contacts.

Local businesses and services now have a convenient and direct way to connect with real people. Reviews and ratings they receive on this platform are helping them to establish as a trusted business.


Framework: React native, Android SDKs


Backend: Node.JS

Database: PostgreSQL

Admin panel: Angular

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    Redefining how business referrals are made.

    The Client

    Referr LLC is a US-based startup that has successfully created its own space in the market through an innovative solution named “Referr” that encourages US retailers to rethink their marketing strategy and common people to win rewards and gift cards by referring local business to their friends and family.

    The Requirement

    Referr LLC wanted to introduce a new platform that would help its users to earn rewards and gift cards for referring local businesses to their friends and family.

    The Challenge

    Even though the concept of a common platform for people and business to make connections and enjoy benefits seem interesting in the beginning, the real challenge began when we tried to convert the concept into a workable solution.

    To make the solution appealing to normal users, it was important that we develop a solution that is both unique and rewarding. It compelled us to develop a platform that is based on the concept of a referral based social networking app where registered users can refer local businesses to their friends and family and earn rewards and gift cards in return. This model called for the integration of some complex features like accepting payments from users, inviting and making connections with other users on the platform, winning and redeeming gift cards, and a structured point and ranking system.

    To ensure the success of the solution, it was imperative that the same platform is also appealing to local businesses. In order to attract the interest of businesses to join the platform, we had to integrate another set of features that enables businesses to grow, the moment they join Referr. Such features include business listing with a feature to add multiple locations, photo gallery, rating and review, and facility to send gift cards and rewards to users for referring the business to their circles.

    In a gist, the solution demanded that we develop a platform that is appealing to normal users and local business and in order to achieve that we had to make various third-party integrations along with ensuring the safety and security of the platform.

    The Solution

    Our team turned the concept into a powerful referring platform that helps its users to connect with their friends and family and refer them local businesses and services in return for rewards.

    When a user refers business to their circle, the people in the circle get instantly connected to that particular business, helping the user to win rewards and gift cards. The platform assigns points to users every time they refer a business to their network. As you earn more points, your rank will also go higher.

    Users can rate and review local businesses which in turn helps the businesses to earn trust and get more business.

    The platform also allows the purchase of a variety of gift cards from a wide selection of national retailers. These gift cards can be sent as a token of appreciation by the referred business to the user who made the referral. They can also be sent between friends.


    An informative home screen

    The home screen is very informative and shows the total number of business contacts, the total number of friends, Total number of referrals made, total points earned, menu, notification icon, a link to the list of favourite friends, a link to favourite business contacts and a link to the user profile.

    Sign up

    To enable easy registration, people have the option to sign up using Facebook, Google or email.

    Payment system

    Make secure payments using debit and credit cards. Referr uses one of the most trusted payment gateways, Card Connect, for executing payments.

    Friend list

    Add a new contact to friend list manually or from the phonebook.

    Business list

    The business tab showcases the list of business categories, allow you to search business, and add new business contacts to the list.


    Businesses can add photos related to their business.

    Business ratings and reviews

    Users have the privilege to rate and review businesses.

    Gift card inventory

    The mobile referral platform has separate pages for showcasing gift cards received and gift cards available for sending to a business or friend.

    User ranks

    Referr has a robust user ranking system based on scores received by referring and reviewing businesses.

    Gift coupon integration

    We integrated Referr with one of the major gift card facilitators, InComm. The integration helped us to enable the flawless exchange of gift cards between the users of Referr.

    Fraud prevention

    Referr is one of the most secure referral apps available today. We have used the services of Trust Vesta to enable fraud prevention on this mobile referral platform. Any attempt of fraud, including payment using stolen cards, will be prevented even before it is executed.

    The Result

    The solution developed by our team helped the startup Referr LLC to introduce an innovative solution, that is based on the concept of a referral based social networking platform, in the market. Using the app, users can refer local businesses and services to their friends and family and win rewards and gift cards in return. The solution has helped many US businesses with a unique way to promote themselves in the market and get more sales.

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