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Whistle Now!

At A Glance

The anti-corruption wing of government of Kerala wanted to introduce a new platform that would help the common men of the state to join their fight against corruption.

Our team conceptualized, developed and deployed a mobile-based solution that is helpful for the common men of the state, even if he or she lacks any technical knowledge, to report corruption and illegal incidents happening in the society.



Key Results

Whistle Now! provides the common men of Kerala with an opportunity to become a whistleblower, join the fight against corruption and make the state corruption-free.

The common men of Kerala now have a new way to reports corruption and scam happening in society.

Public participation in their fight against corruption has helped Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau to accelerate the process of transforming Kerala into 100% corruption-free state.

The successful development of Whistle Now! paved the way for World’s first anti-corruption mobile app.


Android : Java,Android SDK & libraries.

IOS : Objective C

BackEnd : Node js, Angular JS,PostgreSQL

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    World's first mobile based anti-corruption platform.

    The Client

    Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau is the government authority that is responsible for the investigation and prevention of corruption in the state of Kerala, India. As the only agency that is specialised in investigating corruption offences, it is the duty of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Bureau to ensure that offenders are brought to justice and keep the state of Kerala corruption-free.

    The Requirement

    Since making Kerala a corruption-free state is not possible without the participation of public, vigilance and anti-corruption bureau Kerala identified the need to develop a platform that helps the citizens of the state to participate in their fight against corruption and turn every citizen into a whistle-blower.

    The Challenge

    According to the 2011 census, Kerala has more than 33.3 million population with a literacy rate of 93.91%. However, the state lacked a way for the common men to report corruptions and scams happening in society to the concerned authority. Introduction of a new platform that is easy to use even by a person who lacks any technical knowledge was an urgent necessity. Considering the potential user base, It was identified that the platform should be robust enough to handle requests at a large scale.

    The Solution

    The innovative and user-friendly approach we adopted to implement the solution helped us to win the bidding process.

    The concept was developed keeping two factors in mind; simplicity and scalability. To make the solution useful to common men, we decided to develop a comprehensive mobile-based solution that is similar to a social media app but with a different set of functions.

    To make the solution usable in every situation, we made sure that we adopted the latest technologies and robust architecture to develop the solution.

    The main highlight of the Whistle Now! is a feature named ‘Whistle’ which can be blown by any registered user to expose any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical or not correct in the eyes of society.

    When a user login to the platform, he/she is welcomed with a map of Kerala with figures of a whistle that represent the number of incidents or events reported by the users of the platform. Every time a whistle is blown, every user at the location receives a notification about the whistle. Along with the details of the incident, users can attach related audio, video, picture or documents as evidence. Users can also cast upvotes and downvotes and add comments for every whistle created.

    Once a ‘Whistle’ is blown, notifications are sent to the corresponding authorities to help them take the necessary actions to solve the incident that is reported.



    Registered users can blow whistles to expose corruption and scams
    happening in society, real-time.

    Whistle on the map

    Helps to identify the total number of incidents reported by users, real-time.

    Feature to cast votes and add comments

    Registered users have the option to cast upvotes and downvotes for each whistle blown along with a provision to add comments.

    Push notification

    Push notifications are sent real-time based on the location of the incident reported.

    Facility to add attachments

    Users of Whistle Now! have the privilege to add audio, video, picture or documents as supporting evidence for the ‘Whistle’ blown.

    Government and public participation

    Notifications are sent to the corresponding authorities every time a new whistle is blown which in turn help them to take necessary action to solve the issue that is reported by a common man.

    Simple to use

    Whistle Now! is very simple to use even by a person who lacks any technical knowledge. Since the feel and functions offered by the solution are very similar to a social media app, it is easier for anyone to master “Whistle Now!’.

    The Result

    The solution which is conceptualized, developed and deployed by
    AlignMinds for Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau of Government of Kerala has helped the state in ensuring public participation in their fight against corruption. The app has provided many Keralites with the opportunity to become a whistle-blower and take part in the mission to make Kerala a corruption-free state.

    Whistle Now! was an instant success the moment it was officially launched by Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau of Government of Kerala. It has attracted thousands of downloads and governments of many other states have shown their interest to implement a similar solution for their state.


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