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Rodney Hunt, an American company with more than 179 years of experience in manufacturing cast and fabricated gates, wanted to revamp their website with a modern look that suits their industry and the long history of success they have.

Our team developed a modern, responsive website using the popular CMS platform WordPress, with a state of the art UX driven interfaces, and an identity that suits the unique profile and industry of the company.



Key Results

The solution helped Rodney Hunt to have a modern, responsive website that suits their long history of being an industry leader. and

The new website makes it easy to understand the products and services offered by Rodney Hunt to its visitors.

The minimalistic yet descriptive design, state of the art UX driven interfaces and the mobile-first approach have helped the visitors of the new website with readability, easy navigation and uninterrupted reading experience.


CMS : WordPress


Bootstrap 3

jQuery HTML5

CSS3 JavaScript

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    A new digital face for the 150 years old American giant.

    The Client

    Ever since its inception in the year 1840, Rodney Hunt continued to be the leader in the production of cast and fabricated gates. During their 179 years of existence, the company has overcome many challenges including a civil war, two world wars, the great depression, two devasting floods and a fire. Rodney Hunt offers a wide range of products including cast-iron gates, fabricated gates, heavy fabricated gates, knife gate valves and flap gates.

    The Requirement

    Rodney Hunt desired to update their website with a new look and feel that matches their legacy and the industry they are in.

    The Challenge

    Rodney Hunt aspired for a design that matches the nature of their businesses and the long history they have. To easily showcase their profile to a potential client, their team wanted a set of functions and features to be incorporated into the solution. Also, the team wanted a simple yet descriptive design that would enable the readers to understand the company and their products better.

    The Solution

    After scrutinizing all the requirements, our team decided to build a solution based on the popular CMS platform, WordPress. The new website features a beautiful responsive carousel slider built with the help of jQuery to showcase the different aspects of the client’s business. The website is designed with the “mobile-first” design to enable it to render perfectly on all screens. The clean and minimalistic design adopted for the website makes it easy for visitors to read and navigate to different pages.

    The home page, that gives equal importance to text and images, helps in highlighting the products and the industry of the company. The homepage also features case studies, past news articles that showcase the company history, and contact details of the company along with images that showcase their past works. This has helped the visitors to have a full understanding of the company, without the need to navigate into inner pages.


    Easy navigation

    The simple and clean navigation helps visitors of the website to navigate to any part of the website, hassle-free. The menu features the list of all the products offered by Rodney hunt to help the readers. The tab menu used in inner pages helps the readers to have an uninterrupted experience by avoiding the need to navigate into multiple pages.

    Make use of CMS

    The solution is developed based on the popular Content Management System, WordPress. WordPress can handle various types of content flawlessly and, it is easier to update the content of the website from the dashboard.

    Simple yet descriptive design

    The solution features a simple yet descriptive design that helps to improve the appeal and readability of the website.


    A responsive slider is used as a header to showcase the strength of the industry leader. The homepage utilizes a unique design that gives importance to text and images and it helps Rodney Hunt to exhibit their service, products and past works well in front of the visitors.

    Tab menu

    The new design makes use of tab menus to offer an uninterrupted reading experience. As a result, visitors do not have to navigate into multiple pages, saving them time and effort.

    Mobile-first design

    The mobile-first design has helped the new website to render perfectly on screens of all sizes.

    The Result

    The new website that is based on the popular CMS platform WordPress and features a state of the art UX driven interfaces has helped Rodney Hunt to exhibit their long history of success as an industry leader and the extensive range of products offered by them. The solution also helped the company to express its determination in being progressive with the latest trends in technology.


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