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Software and Solutions (SonSo) wanted to introduce a new restaurant solution in the market that can handle table reservation, online reservations and walk-in management along with helping the management team with effectively managing all other functions of running a restaurant business.

AlignMinds developed a comprehensive desktop restaurant solution using .NET to streamline and automate the day to day business process of small and medium restaurants with additional features like guest management, campaign manager and analytics and reports.



Key Results

The solution has helped many small to mid-sized restaurants to streamline and automate all their functions and leverage technology to accelerate their profitable growth.

‘Resolution’ has helped restaurants to improve customer satisfaction by offering a hassle-free way to book their services online.

This comprehensive solution has helped many small to mid-sized restaurants to comply with the latest industry standards, in a simple yet systematic way.


Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)


SQL Server as backend

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    The table reservation management system that has no parallel in the industry.

    The Client

    SonSo ltd is a UAE based company that is focusing on providing innovative software products and consulting services to help businesses with shaping their own space in the market and maintaining it easily and affordably. Their team comprises of technology veterans and business consultants who have decades of experience in software services and solutions.

    The Requirement

    SonSo wanted to introduce a new solution in the restaurant industry that can handle table reservation, online reservation and walk-in management effortlessly and efficiently.

    The Challenge

    Restaurants have a set of complex functions. More than that, some establishments will have more than one restaurant with different functions and table size.

    Because table reservation, online reservation and walk-in follow a different set of rules and procedures, we had to integrate a set of dedicated features to make the solution comprehensive.

    To align with the formalities that exist in the service industry, we had to make sure that the solution takes care of all possible scenarios; for example, a table is unoccupied even though not vacant.

    Also, the solution had to be developed in such a way that a user who is not having much technical knowledge can easily operate the system without any assistance.

    On top of all these, the platform had to be secure in a way that only authorised users can log in to the system and make requests and modifications.

    The Solution

    After analysing all the restaurant functions closely, our team developed a desktop-based Restaurant Management System to streamline and automate the day to day business process of small and medium restaurants. The solution features a user-friendly, intuitive user interface and enables restaurant management to easily execute necessary management routine and restaurant functions, without the need to be familiar with anything technical.

    This comprehensive solution is robust enough to handle all the functions of a restaurant starting from table reservation, online reservations and walk-in management to routine operations. It features beautiful and intuitive user interfaces and follows a simple set up process making it easy to be installed in any type of restaurants and handled by anyone irrespective of whether they are technically strong or not.


    Restaurant Setup

    Restaurants of any size and type can set up the system, according to their need, using this module. This module comes with a set of features such as,

    Restaurant creation

    This feature helps authorised users to add different restaurants under one hotel. For example, 24 x 7 Cafeteria, Multi-Cuisine Restaurant and Bar Room.

    Floor & Table Plans

    This feature allows system users to create and design a floor plan and set up tables (2-seater or 4-seater). Creating a table design is very simple since users can easily move tables across the floor by drag & drop.

    Special date setup

    System users have the privilege to set up special days like Christmas eve, Valentine’s day with special rates and other conditions.

    Guest rating setup

    System user can setup loyalty points for the customers.

    VIP notification

    When a VIP guest makes a reservation for a table, notifications such as Booking Notification, Reminders, and Arrival Notification are sent automatically at the right time to concerned departments.

    No Show

    If a table was booked but no one has showed-up, the table will be categorised as No Show for further restaurant formalities.

    Message templates

    A well-designed email can elevate subscriber engagement and generate more sales. By using pre-designed templates, the system will send various emails and messages to contacts in the list.

    Restaurant Operations

    ‘Restaurant Operations’ module in ‘Resolution’ primarily provides a platform for restaurateurs to manage table reservations in a hassle-free and seamless manner. In order to make a reservation, the system in–charge has to login to the system and go to the related section and make a reservation by simply selecting the date & time, selecting/adding customer details, selecting a table and few more necessary details. The system is developed in such a way that a user who is not having much technical knowledge can easily operate the system without any assistance.

    Guest Management

    In addition to the basic profile management of the customers, the system manager can view and manage their preferences, transaction history, visit details, special days etc.

    Campaign Manager

    Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools used by restaurants to attract and retain clients. ‘Resolution’ has a dedicated module for managing all such marketing campaigns. Restaurant managers can send personalised emails, created with the help of predesigned templates, to customers on special occasions like birthdays.

    Analytics & Reports

    Resolution table reservation management system allows managers and the authorised users to make various reports such as reservation summary, reservation details, staff reservations, VIP reservations, guest list and top paid report.

    The Result

    Restaurants operate in an industry where providing fast, customer-oriented services and professionalism plays a big part in being successful. Resolution is a comprehensive, customer-focused restaurant solution that helps restaurant owners and managers to systematically manage their business, monitor customer’s behaviour and take immediate actions and decisions according to the situations. The benefits of Resolution have helped it to become the most optioned restaurant solution among small to medium-sized restaurants and, its popularity has started expanding to Asia and Europe.


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