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CADD Emirates, a Dubai based company who is a leader in providing enterprise solutions and a trusted ICT Integrator in the country, wanted to revamp their website to fulfil their modern needs and requirements.

AlignMinds developed a new responsive website using the popular CMS platform WordPress and a user-friendly design to help the client to improve lead conversion and attract more sales.



Key Results

Use of WordPress to develop the solution has helped the staffs of CADD Emirates to easily manage and update the content of the website.

The new website has helped CADD Emirates to improve their lead conversion and attract more business.





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    Total digital transformation for Middle East's largest system integrator.

    The Client

    CADD Emirates is a leading enterprise solutions provider and a trusted ICT Integrator in the middle east with operation spreading across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaima and Doha-Qatar. Being a trusted and resourceful reference for a wide range of IT solutions and services, CADD Emirates offer various services related to computing infrastructure, networking and security, CAD & engineering, hospitality technologies and business automation.

    The Requirement

    Since the then existing website lacked modern capabilities and the outdated design made it impossible to feature all the services and strength of the company, CADD Emirates decided to revamp their website with modern features leveraging latest trends prevailing in the industry.

    The Challenge

    The then existing website of CADD Emirate was totally outdated. Developing a completely new website was the best solution available.

    The new website had to be simple enough to help the management with updating the content of the website from time to time and it should also feature a modern design that helps the company to showcase all their services, strength and capabilities.

    The Solution

    Our experienced team quickly identified that developing a website based on the popular Content Management System, WordPress, would be the best solution. WordPress makes it easy to update the content of the website and comes with a lot of useful features and powerful functions that would fit the client’s requirement.

    The new website features a purpose-built homepage with all the services of CADD Emirates featured on above the fold. To feature all the services of the company, we used a responsive slider with content specific to each service. When the slider is active, visitors will get an opportunity to see the services listed in blocks, under the slider that features the service category.

    The homepage also features a section that is dedicated to showcasing our client’s industrial expertise and the latest news and updates.

    The inner pages are designed with a sidebar on the left. It contains a submenu, corporate brochure, and news updates to make information and resources easily available to visitors of the new website.



    The new website is developed on the WordPress platform to help our client easily manage and update the content of the website.

    Responsive design

    The new website renders perfectly on all screens.

    Sticky menu

    The website features a sticky menu that is locked into place so that it does not disappear when the user scrolls down the page.

    Purpose-built slider

    The homepage features a responsive slider that features the different category of services offered by CADD Emirates. According to the movement of each slide, the services listed in blocks under the slider changes based on the category shown in the slide.

    Sliding blocks

    The services offered by CADD Emirates span across different industries. With the help of “sliding blocks”, our team integrated all of them on the homepage in an attractive way.

    News update

    This section on the homepage features all the latest news and updates.

    Custom footer

    CADD Emirates website boast of a custom footer that features links to all the resources available in the website, category wise, to help the visitors.

    Inner pages

    Inner pages feature an auto zoom-in image on top of the content on every page. They also host a sidebar on the left side that contains necessary information and resources to help the visitors of the website.

    The Result

    The website helped CADD Emirates to showcase their whole capabilities and the wide range of services offered by them, orderly and elegantly. It has also helped their team to easily manage and update the website themselves, whenever needed. The new design has contributed to the company’s overall business by improving the conversion ratio and attracting more business.


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